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Car Speaker

Photo Model Simple Description Spec details
RYS6524S 6.5”2 Way glass fibre cone with rubber edge RYS6524S      Details >>
RYS69302 6x9”3 Way PP injection cone with rubber edge RYS69302      Details >>
RYS69367 6x9”3 Way PP injection cone with rubber edge RYS69367      Details >>
RYS652T 6.5”2 Way component kits RYS652T      Details >>
RYS40146 4" ferrite magnet speaker with honeycomb grill RYS40146      Details >>
RYS4021 4”2 Way PP injection cone with rubber edge RYS4021      Details >>
RYS50212 5.25" 2 Way IMPP injection cone with rubber edge RYS50212      Details >>
RYS69310 6x9”3 Way electroplated cone rubber edge woofer, 1" Neodynium dome tweeters. RYS69310      Details >>
RYS60320 6" 3 way speaker, IMPP injection cone rubber edge woofer, 1.5" Dome tweeter RYS60320      Details >>
RYS65218 6.5" 2 Way speaker, Yellow color IMPP injection rubber edge woofer, 1" Dome tweeter RYS65218      Details >>

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