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Service Conception

Respecting and understanding customers, Continuing to provide excellent products and service, and being their reliable partners forever, is the service concept that we uphold and sparkplug at all times.

At every step, the first to think of are customers. With the transformation from sales market to demand market, our customers’ concept of needs changed. Facing with numerous products (or service), they are more willing to accept good quality products (or service). Quality here does not only mean the internal quality of products, but also including quality of packaging and other comprehensive service. So we must try to improve ourselves for satisfying our customers’ demand. Perfecting our service system in processes of pre-sale, sale, after-sale and technical guidance. All these works aim to avoid and settle the quality problems, and also make customers feel extremely convenient to cooperate with us.

Establishing the client-oriented mechanism including the reform of service delivery, etc. The establishment of one effective policy can easily reach the needs of customers at first time, for the rapid response to customers’ opinions.

The customers are always right .First, customers are defined as “buyer”, always not troublemakers; Secondly, customers know their needs, and this is precisely the need for us to gather business information; Thirdly, since the customer are “natural consistent,” if we quarrel with a customer, so it is nearly the same with all customers on this dispute. So we always put ourselves in customers’ position to improve our capacity and thoughts, in order to be in accordance with customers’ concept lastly.

 Three elements to satisfy our customers: Product satisfaction ;Service satisfaction; Corporate image satisfaction: It means that the public are satisfied with the corporate strengths and overall impression.

Complying with the 5S concept.”5S” means “Smile, Speed ,Sincerity, Smart and Study. They are abbreviations of five words. “5S” Concept is the most representative culture of service innovation and It is not only full of humanized characteristics of the times but also considerable practices.

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